Digital Asset Daily: Cryptocurrency adoption slowly increasing

Market Movers

The market had an anticipated correction over the last 24h as the total market cap dropped back down to 332b. BTC (-3.7%) and ETH (-6.0%) have both had significant drops as the market is stabilizing at around the 330b mark for now.
Altcoins have, as is always the case, largely performed worse than BTC and ETH in a downturn. There were only really 3 altcoins in the top 100 that made significant gains, and these were DigixDAO (DGD +17.6%), Huobi Token (HT +9.8%) and Skycoin (SKY +7.7%).
There are 23 altcoins in the top 100 with double digit percentage losses, and these are led by Veritaseum (VERI -16.2%), Bitcoin Private (BTCP -14.8%) and MOAC (MOAC -10.4%). Notably, Veritaseum has the dubious honour of leading the losses for 2 days straight.

Noteworthy News

Coinbase have announced that they will expand their operations to Japan, which is news that bucks recent the recent industry trend that has seen other exchanges such as Kraken cease operations in Japan. This increases adoption options in a nation where crypto adoption is already ahead of the curve.
Steve Wozniak, one of Apple’s co-founders, has said in an interview that he hopes bitcoin will be the single global currency in the future. Wozniak was an early investor in crypto, although he has since sold his holdings as his interest in crypto is the blockchain technology and not the investment opportunities. Wozniak also described Bitcoin as the only true cryptocurrency as he believes all other coins have compromised in some way.
In further adoption news, will now allow donations using cryptocurrency. The donations will be processed through Coinbase, and the initial compatible currencies will be BTC, ETH, LTC and BCH. has already been allowing crypto payment for subscriptions since 2014.

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