Digital Asset Daily: IOTA Tangle Gets Stronger

Market Movers

The market is largely holding steady, with a slight uptick in market cap since yesterday; from 323b to 332b. BTC and ETH have both seen marginal increases over the past 24h with BTC at 7505 (+1.7%) and ETH at 579 (+3.3%). The temporary equilibrium established yesterday appears to be holding for the time being.
Altcoins have mostly been positive although the degree of positivity has greatly varied with large numbers having minor gains mirroring those of BTC and ETH and some coins having much larger gains. Exchange tokens have performed particularly well. Among the biggest winners have been Huobi Token (HT +15.9%), Binance Coin (BNB + 14.6%) and Loopring (LRC +12.1%)
There have been no top 100 coins with double digit percentage losses in the past 24 hours which is a positive sign.

Noteworthy News

IOTA has had more positive news which has led to the +10.9% in the past 24h. They have announced a partnership with DNB ASA, Norway’s largest financial group; to explore business solutions using IOTA’s Tangle. DNB have also been working with R3 for a blockchain solution to distributed ledger technology. DNB see IOTA Tangle as another alternative for best DLT solution going forward and they will be collaborating on data management, business model development and hackathons.
Crypto to crypto exchange Bittrex has increased functionality by adding fiat to crypto trading also. They’ve added 3 pairs, USD<->USDT, USD<->TUSD and USD<->BTC. It will currently only be available to American customers in Washington, California, New York and Montana.
Ark has announced Apple approval of the ARK Mobile wallet, which is now available on the App store. They’ve also set the date of their v2 TestNet release for the 14th of June 2018. It’s quite surprising that they have not experience double digit percentage growth off these two positive pieces of news, but it’s a coin that could do well going forward.

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